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so I'm workin on some stuff.

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Synus Prime

2013-06-03 03:52:32 by Ritz190

Yet another album I've worked on. Synus Prime!!! LIKE: www.facebook.com/KTSMETAL

Synus Prime

Album available now!

2012-11-05 17:18:35 by Ritz190

hey guys, I got an album out and it's available on Bandcamp for free or if you want to pay, name your price. I have other stuff on there too so get to listening! Planetary Harmonious

Album available now!


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What up, NG FAM??

2011-02-01 11:44:22 by Ritz190

Well I'm Starting to get a better grasp on this music thing. I bought a bass guitar the other day and it sounds nice, just gotta get the wiring worked on so it doesn't static as much. But anywho, I'm lookin for someone who can do Vox for a few tracks. full credit will be given and I'll possibly put them on Itunes or something, so if there is profit, I will split it. So if you're interested, let me know! Keep being awesome guys! ;)

What up, NG FAM??

THE ARTIST IS AT STAKE!!! people you need to watch this!!!

2010-02-18 16:01:19 by Ritz190

Everyone should post this, ESPECIALLY if you're an artist of any kind!

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Yo NG Fam!!!

2010-01-19 21:23:32 by Ritz190

well i've decided to start my side project aside form, my usual music. I decided to go back and make Original VG music. most will be based on Sonic the Hedgehog and others maybe be random VG type songs. but i'll keep you guys posted on it. I'm trying to break into the Sonic Fan game scene and provide new music so people won't have to use the same songs in EVERY SINGLE FAN GAME...or 2d game clones. haha. WISH ME LUCK!!!!

Yo NG Fam!!!

Where's tha love people?

2009-12-23 12:15:42 by Ritz190

I'm super devastated that one of my favorite Artist, Metaljonus, won't be makin music here anymore. mostly because the internet is full of haters and bashers that call themselves musicians. a true musicians sees quality in ALL types of music! even genres he/she doesn't like. i'm very disappointed the NG community. they caused one of the great artists on this site to stop making music...Artists are supposed to support others, not bash...but i guess some of you wouldn't know that since your too busy trying to get to the top...music isn't a competition, but you guys make it that way...


2009-12-01 08:02:33 by Ritz190

HOLY SHIT DUDE!!! I'm a zero target!!!!

i think someone's panties got tight and bombed ma shit...lol...you know what that means? take the effort to bomb ALL of my popular songs...I'm officially awesome! :D

I win...