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Where's tha love people?

Posted by Ritz190 - December 23rd, 2009

I'm super devastated that one of my favorite Artist, Metaljonus, won't be makin music here anymore. mostly because the internet is full of haters and bashers that call themselves musicians. a true musicians sees quality in ALL types of music! even genres he/she doesn't like. i'm very disappointed the NG community. they caused one of the great artists on this site to stop making music...Artists are supposed to support others, not bash...but i guess some of you wouldn't know that since your too busy trying to get to the top...music isn't a competition, but you guys make it that way...


Lol I'm gonna try to bring him around. We live in the same city, I'm hoping that at some point we can meet up at a music store or somethin and I can sway him (in my dreams tho probably lol)...Wait a minute...We ALL live in the same city. Well hot DAMN, maybe we can get this thing turned around!

But, then again, he isn't QUITTING music per se; he's just not submitting anything to NG anymore. He's still got stuff out on Myspace and SoundClick, so he's far from giving up. He's just giving up on the immature, retarded MFB-ing audience here, which kinda makes sense. People that submit stuff to the Audio Portal are totally outshined by the Flash animators to begin with...Because apparently it takes more to make a flash video than it does to make a song (I dunno who came up with that stupid generalization, but I tend to spend weeks on my songs, whereas there are Flash artists out here who make a video within a week and it's terrible and gets zero-bombed to nothingness). And, a song is hardly EVER put in the spotlight. You have to get so effing lucky to get one of your songs on the All-Time Top Scoring for starters, and most of the people that check that out are just Audio Portal submitters anyway. In other words: To become well-known on this site, to hope that people get the chance to listen to your music, you have to be persistent, fortunate, and have the ability to communicate. Bar none. Activity is also necessary; I know that I come to this site at least once a day to see how my songs are ranked and to see what's up in the community (call me devoted, but I'm usually on here for no more than about 15 minutes a day lol). And finally, it's useful to share with others on the site. If you give people an in-depth look at what they're producing, they're more willing to do the same, and so on and so forth...An example is what I'm doing with you right now. Chances are now, after you see that I've posted this comment and that I left a comment on one of your songs, you'll be more willing to do the same for me -- or at least, that's the hope. It's a damn shame that more people on NG don't do this, and I've made a point to fight against lethargy and monotony -- which is the downfall of our society. Metaljonus stopping his submissions to NG is just one of a long list of anger-enducing things, I'm afraid; I don't like the idea of dishonest people winning either, and it's good to know that there's like-minded people out here on this site. =)

hey i didn't know you were in San Antonio...what a freakin small world! yea i always return the favor! and i know Jon won't stop makin music, but this is the site i found him on...i have him as a friend on myspace too so i keep up with his work. I'd like to make music with the guy (you too, i heard one of your songs, pretty kick ass!) but my skill as a guitarist keeps me from playing with others. i guess i gotta get over my insecurities! but NG is a great place to discover great things, but the audio portal needs some regulations big time. but until that happens, douchebags everywhere are gonna jack off that zero button and swollow so freakin hard...too graphic? oh well, ZERO BOMBERS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are right. My newspost reflects similar feelings. So many fantastic artists have left here. More than half of the community doesn't even know what they are missing out on. Metaljonus leaving was the last straw for me.

It isn't the fact that some haters are out there, or that they think your song is worth a zero.

It's the fact that it buries great music on page 10 of a genre, leaving SHIT for the flash authors, or others coming here looking for great music. They search the first page or so, and usually heat the retarded shit.

The people looking for good music won't be back. And the artists are losing out. It makes song writers embarrassed to have their great music on the same site that carries a fucking gay midi rip as top genre representation. The multi down voting makes it worse.

It's easy to get fed up.

I put up a song the other day,(which I said I wouldn't do) But I did it so a friend of mine could download it, as he doesn't have an Email (yeah I know...) But the next morning it had 10 votes with a score of 1.52 or some fucking bullshit. It's not the score, its the fact that at least 9 people came by and slapped a 0 on it when...I know I aint pro....but I'm better than 9 zeroes and no reviews...except the one good one by Schlief.. So fuck the fucking fuckers. Their loss.

I do music as a hobby, and Newgrounds has really soured it for me.

Anyways, sorry to rant. Please PM me when you put up new songs.

i feel you bro. i'm no pro either, but if your gonna rate, at least have the decency to leave a review about the song instead of bein a zero Nazi. it's ridiculous though. when i first came here, i found some pretty good stuff, but all the good artists are being pushed to that back by attention whores. there are songs waaay in the 1.00 and such and they don't desrve to be there. hell i say us NG artist (the genuine ones) branch off and make a real music site for artists to share their work and review each others stuff. but eh..one day man. one day.