Yo NG Fam!!!

2010-01-19 21:23:32 by Ritz190

well i've decided to start my side project aside form, my usual music. I decided to go back and make Original VG music. most will be based on Sonic the Hedgehog and others maybe be random VG type songs. but i'll keep you guys posted on it. I'm trying to break into the Sonic Fan game scene and provide new music so people won't have to use the same songs in EVERY SINGLE FAN GAME...or 2d game clones. haha. WISH ME LUCK!!!!

Yo NG Fam!!!


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2010-02-05 09:21:22

Dude... you're going to create the lovechild of Epic and Win...

Ritz190 responds:

XD i doubt that but thanks for the kind words man!


2010-02-13 04:45:19

Ha, I listened to your last submission and left a review about how it sounded like sonic music. Well this post explains it haha. cool.