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THE ARTIST IS AT STAKE!!! people you need to watch this!!!

Posted by Ritz190 - February 18th, 2010

Everyone should post this, ESPECIALLY if you're an artist of any kind!

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Wow you need to pay just for it to be yours? That suck.

i would hope this law never passes. but knowing the US it just might...

Um, hasn't this been going on forever? I thought that's what copyright and patents were for.

no. that law kinda went into oblivion 30 years ago, you COULD regester it still today and it makes it stronger....but now if you make something, it's yours automatically, but if the laws change, we artists in NG could be in trouble. they can steal our work and patent it and we won't get a dime!

As you said "they can steal our work and patent it and we won't get a dime!"
-In case nobody here has noticed an "Attribution 3.0" is the license that all newgrounds songs have. This is totally free use music here! anybody can already take it and the (so called) owners can do nothing about it. so this is nothing new really. (note: credit is supposed to be given to the author, but this is often ignored).
Plus, almost everything around us that has been created does get at automatic license (as the video mentions). But the license you get isn't concrete anyway. I mean a company can steal anything from you if they want. (unless you specifically patent it). which is why it gets confusing when the guy on the video starts talking about creations being stolen as if it's something new.
but I can still understand that some people will look upon this bill, as a threat to their creations. -and realistically. how could they win? to put this into perspective. in newgrounds alone there could be 5000+ angry art creators. and that's just newgrounds. and then you have the REST OF THE WORLD saying "NO! I want to keep my art too, thankyou very much!
even though these company(s) may be large and rich. for whatever reasons they want to remove automatic protection license - I'm pretty sure the rest of the world art creators are bigger than that.
~~"The laws we have now were created for a reason"
Thankyou, goodbye.

well of couse that's the thing about newgrounds. i have work that i don't submit here because i don't want it taken. the rest i upload it here so i see what you're talking about and still, this bill would probably stop any loopholes we have against stuff like this. so any type of advantage on our part is totally ignored and cast aside.


I pray to god it doesn't...

I think I'm going to internally combust into flames if this bill freaking passes, and then I'll sue the government.

I know this was already mentioned tons of times, but this means that the little guys, US, with get utterly raped in such an environment cast by this bill.

This just is wrong.

Nobody will want to produce the things that the big-wig corporations desire so much to influence a bill like this. So this is like a gigantically double-edged sword, everything will lose value.

If this happens, artist will be raving in the streets, I'd definately sign a petition for this or join a protest.