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The Artist The Artist

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if i ever open my game/music/movie studio

ur hired for sure!!!! these are sick! hell i can only draw on paper...i have some art posted if ur interested...but it's all concept art for the Syren legacy. my heart and joy!

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VoodooChilde responds:

Hahahaha...awesome!! And yeah, I'll check out your site!

Empty Bed Empty Bed

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you serious? attempt? looks like a success to have true talent!

VoodooChilde responds:

HAHAHAHAAHA...yeah this was an attempt!!
Did I mention I was a fan of yours??

Moonlight Kiss Moonlight Kiss

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another one!

simply put..amazing! i think i'll start uploading art too! lol actually i can't no long does it take to do these?

VoodooChilde responds:

Hmmmm....that depends on my mood and how much detailing is put into a render. One render I've done took 10minutes to upload...too long if too much detail.

Crawling To You Crawling To You

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when i get my big break...

imma hire you and add you to my team of game developers! if thats okay with you. this is high grade stuff here! i wanna 3d render my characters!!!

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VoodooChilde responds:! but just so you know...I'm still new at this! hahaha

Lady of the Blades Lady of the Blades

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i want to learn 3d art so i can start making games, this is incredible! i can see the prince of persia influence, so is this an original character you created? who is she? lol, i make characters all the time and i have a few stoy lines i'd like to get started on. this is some good work here! keep it up! :D

VoodooChilde responds:

tee hee...thanks Ritz. I'll send you the info on how you can get started on learning how to do 3d art if you like...
And yes, this is an original character of mine... I have other artworks that I will be posting soon, so be watching for them.

Just Over The Cliff Just Over The Cliff

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love night scenes!

you got a 10 from me...thanks!

I-Saved-The-World responds:

Thanks :D