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This is very nice.

Music is all about feeling. not just listening. i'm pretty down myself...i feel your pain bro, but there will be brighter days as well as dark days...but hey, you got a nice song here. think imma check out some other stuff you have!

BotonyProduktions responds:

Thank you so much for your review Ritz. And yeah, somehow, it Always gets better.

very nice!!!

i like it. i may use this in my future midnight drives around town. great song you have here.

EggZiBiT responds:

Thanks for the reply dude ^^
Would be great to think someone is listening to this on a drive, round and about.

- EggZ

Sonic rules!!

awesome. sounds like an ending song...all happy and such! nice work!

Hyperson responds:

Thank you.


fred likes balls...only a guy with a voice like that would like balls and penises...

Hyperson responds:

i no rite

O.o whoa..

why does your guitar remind me of master blaster 2? O.o nice little loop here!

OPQC responds:

i dunno :b i just made it up.

one thing i notice.

you gotta work on the drums man. it's gotta sync up with the guitar and bass, but hey, still bad ass man. i know you'll work on it. ;)

ZombieZappa responds:

Yep, Its been forever since I worked on this song, though I'll get back to it whenever the original band's indefinite hiatus is lifted. It's music that I have found in the old project files of mine. It uses a different set up than what I have now, so I'm going to have to re-record everything, ha.

Drums are a different story, I used a midi keyboard to lay down the drum tracks, and boy is it a pain to get the damn thing right, ha, but it is definitely something that will be improved upon when it gets redone.

Thanks for the review!

BTW, there is no bass in this track lol, i don't have one.

I dig it...

I love the vibe of this song dude! makes me wanna walk in a park after dark...5 10 and download...this is real music man....You've earned the Ritz respect with a single song from a dream...


10 years later I still jam this song which I feel is something special. alot has changed in my life since I wrote this review. I have a 6 year old son now and in a totally different space mentally, physically, and spiritually but this song still gives me the same warm glow as it did when I first heard it. time is crazy.

ZombieZappa responds:

Thanks! Unfortunately, I haven't had time to make any more music and been having a bit of a musicians block, but look forward to more(newer music, not my archived crap) in the near future.

XD well

I'll admit it is pretty entertaining for a little bit.

BigBrother91 responds:

Indeed :)

Where have you been buddy???

I've been waiting for a new song from you!!! This is great! it's epic and has that sense of urgency and mysteriousness. that's a hard element to pull off but you did it just fine! the instruments sound superb as usual...I hope so hear more from you this year! man we should do a COLLAB!!! that would be a dream come true right now! your keys and my guitar would freakin rock! well 5 and 10. great job!

Zero123Music responds:

:D thanks soooo much! a collab would be really fun :P


It's Sunrise in emerald hill. sonic jumps from his tree he was sleeping in and buckles his shoes and readies himself to start his new adventure...that's what this jinda reminds me of. awesome remix. very mellow and happy.

DigitalDuck responds:

Sonic sleeps in a tree? Thanks for the review!

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