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I can see it!

the strings vs the keys and eventually it all goes down the same path...nice. very nice. man you have my vote here!

cRAVE01 responds:

Thanks, I'm happy to say that the wounds and pains that inspired this song have been miraculously healed! And the song, along with everyone's reviews, have been of great encouragement. A song inspired by the healing is in the works ^___'


whoa! this catured my soul! i'm a sucker for piano pieces and this is going straight on my PSP...damn dude! you have talent here!!! sounds like it should be in a FF game!

cRAVE01 responds:

oh GOOD. You DID see this one ^____^ thought you would like it! And many MANY thanks for the compliment!


when the strings kicked in...the song took a turn...i like turns! WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! anyways...the song started to go places after that...i really like this one!!! it's like being in a abstact universe that you kinda remember but it's unfamiliar to you...yet you feel serene! love the vibe...love the song 10 and 5!

cRAVE01 responds:

I am glad you enjoyed this one! If you liked this one, I really think you'd enjoy "A Perfect Field" My favorite classical tune I've made yet! Someday I will go back to this tune, but presently - the save file is on a broken computer :( wouldn't be hard to recreate the melody tho ... wow, I just noticed how nice it loops on NGs ^___^

kinda reminds me of heaven

it's nice, but the tamborine thing i would take out...and have the tone background the guitar...i can see what you tried to do here..but i would suggest trying to scync the beat with the guitar a little better...but it's good man. nice song!

who the hell voted down on this?????

Fuck them flamerz. banish them to the outskirts of Metal paradise! this is fukin sick dude...man i would ask if you wanted to start a band out here with me, but i'm kinda...eh..skillz man...not good as you...self contious ya know...but maaaaaaaaaan how do you do it????

Metaljonus responds:

Seems people have shitty taste in music on this website, god damn is it fucking annoying. They should be bannished from the plains of existence instead. They don't deserve to be in the metal paradise....they probably listen to mainstream crap anyway. Fags....

sounds more like an event...

it's missing the intensity that the old song had..unless you were aiming for a more mellow sound, then it sounds fine...so either or, good work. practice pays off.

Mental-Note responds:

well yeah i was going for that

all your base...R belong to us...

when the beat came in, that's what came to mind. this song belongs in sonic riders...i'm a huge sonic fan, so that's a good thing. it's like a fast action race is going on underground unknown to anyone else...epic!

how do you do it?

lol. i was thinking about voice acting at some point, still am but damn! i really think you rock at this! i hope you land a part on some show...


whoa! omg! damn! you are so good at this! i'mma check everything you made!


AW SHIT!!! you're very talented! if i had a tv show, i'd put you in it. you pwn!!! lol and very funny!

snowfender responds:

aw thanks! i didn't write my lines though. other people did, so i can't take credit for them. however, thanks a lot for listening and commenting! =)

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