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O_O uh......experimental! it's maddening!

DJZen responds:

but fun =P


It's like Mike crashes the super bowl and dances and steals the show...it's like epic yet still has the classic feel to it!


no way...someone actually did this song? didn't think it was possible...but it is...not bad man...but i would quiet down the cymbals a little bit and maybe pause the beat at certain points of the song..but it sounds like it was in the Sonic movie from 99

are you angrly pounding the piano?

if so, i can feel it...the emotion...if there is any. not bad...

Calamaistr responds:

Haha no i wasnt angrly playing this, i was making it based 'on a moment of anger from yesterday though.


This is really good! but i think of a fall day and a first grader is walking home from school after a good but long day...thanks for this song!

Pawkeet responds:

Thank you very much! I never thought of that haha, you're right! Im glad you enjoyed it.

i made a mellow song too

but people bombed it to hell...like everything i do...damn...anyways...i'm downloading this song. i have a soft spot for piano pieces and you just won the gold...good job. you win...

mename3isme responds:

wow fricking awesome. Thank you, that means alot.
And sorry about the bombing, we should wage war. Seriously.
Who cares about Nuclear Holocaust, we should just give the flamers a taste of their own medicine, if you catch my drift.

strangly this make me happy

this song is great dude! DOWNLOAD!!!

Codilla responds:

Nice man! Thanks for the DL!


with some fries. that's how delicious it is...

MaestroRage responds:

I love Epic Fries ^______^!!!!

They go well with Rage-chup and Doom-Dip.

Thanks for the review, i'm glad you liked it!

dude...i just got this retro feeling

this song is like one of those old sega game music tracks...annoying as hell but you still play cause it's fun for the moment. like this song. it's fun for the moment, but it needs more work...and organization..what program are you using?

xsnrgman responds:

FLStudio 9. :-) with Toxic Biohazard and Fruity DX10. DX10 gives it the SEGA 16 bit sound. Toxic Biohazard has all these crazy synth sounds. It's not too simple to make a track that would sound as good as I like (at least not yet). I'm using the PC keyboard and not a piano type keyboard to pound out the notes. I really like the turntable function with FL but I forgot which function it is. May implement it into my next track. Also want to add some drums. Not sure yet. Thanks for your honest review!

just like the guy below me...

i can hear this in a final fantasy game either 6 or 9 for me. that's a good thing. i can see what you mean. it does have that royal evil feel too it...but i see like a fat slob king who got there by using magic or something...

Box-Killa responds:

Yeah a fat slob king lol, like the queen from ff9. She was really fat

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