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damn dude...

heavy brutal heaviness.....you rule!


MY BRAIN!!!! IT'S MASHING OUTTA MY EARZ!!! BROOOOOOOOTAAAALLLLL!!!!!!! i remember when i first heard this...i'm bleeding now. thank you...

am i in an alternate dimantion?

thats the feel i get from this song. kinda dark and evil, yet you can leave at anytime. you venture further out of curiosity...eerie...

Organl responds:

man am i going great lately with peoples reviews thank you! :)

thank you...

this song is win...

Cam3leon responds:

Glad you like it! Lemme know if you have any song requests :)

oh my god...

you're now on my favorites list. you are beyond words...you, reasoner, Zero...great piano players! WOW!!!! i can't even express how good this is...you have Earned the Ritz respect! keep playing!

MarkySpark responds:

Hi Ritz, You are now on my fav reviewer's list. Welcome to the gang :-)

lookie here!

true Passion shows in the right feild and you definetly got it here! Now imma chek all your songs cause you're really good! i can feel your emotion...and i'm sorry. a lose is nothing to look forward to.

MarkySpark responds:

Thankyou, I hope you enjoy the rest of the tracks.

wow. the vision!

it's of a dream! i can see a child walking in his neighborhood and greeting people. it's a chilly day but not too cold. the leaves are floating gracefully to the ground as the memory of the day sinks into your mind and swells your heart. this makes you love life for it's simple enjoyments. great song dude! Really great song!

pretty kool tune here...

ambiance is always kool! besides the brootal music i usually listen too, i love softie songs like this...makes me all mellowed out and calm...yea man! good work!


gold version was my fave...i had the ultimate pokemon dream team...Feraligator, Charizard, Raichu, Venusuar, and the ultimate pokemon...Mewtwo..all lvl 100..and i left a slot open for training other favorites to lvl 100 like marowak, nidoking, steelix, scyther or scizor...dude...gold was the best!

b0b3rt responds:

Thanks =)

Dude if i may...

Can i take a crack at it? i can do like a heavy metal symphony type thing. i can turn this into something but only if you want. this is amazing man! reminds me of my childhood for some reason...

cRAVE01 responds:

Absolutely. I'd be honored! Fire Away!

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