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What up dude! and hell yeah this song crushes! vocals give me lamb of God vibes like crazy but oddly also dethklok. Solid progression and fun to follow. horns making me feel like the rapture is kickin off. good shit as always man!

Nice one! Drums sound like punches to the face. Guitar tone sounds dope too. Good shit bro!

Just like I like my salad. Tossed- I mean crunchy. Honestly just when I think you can't soar any higher you keep coming back with even more insanity. Love the drum tone in this one for sure. Your guitars have always sounded awesome to me and they stand out here. Downloaded, rated, and jamming.

Good shit

Metaljonus responds:

Tossed? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I got you lolol Thanks for the listen brother! <3

Kickass jams brother. This town ain't big enough fer the 2 of us.

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks bro. It could be tho. It could be!

very dreamy sound ya got here bro. diggin this very much!

What up, OG triple OG?
das a nice track ya got goin on here. be a shame if I were to...upvote it.
Sounds super sexy as always bro. Always enjoy your work. also owe you a purchase on ur EP once I stop being broke AF.

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks, broham! And whenever is cool mang. I really gotta make physical copies lol

fuckin sic bro. hella sinister and haunting.
I always find it a pain yet rewarding switching tools and such so kudos on you making something awesome during the process.

those drums tho.

rock on \m/

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thank you! It is a bit of a learning curve. If' I was just jumping into the game now, I'd be WAAAAY too old to figure this shit out. hahahaha.

Getgood - One Kit Wonder. $40. Amazeballs.

Thanks for the love!! Appreciated! \m/

hella sexy <3

Holy Shit this is a different sound from you. but then again it's been awhile since I've roamed the NG audio portal. man I love this. heavy, melodic, fast paced and hella upbeat. I'll always love your style man great work as always!

Sir Cowmeat back at it again with the melodic slaughter!

to me, this song is both cold yet emotion filled.
the industrial style of the mixing and the drums give me that sense of automation while
the synths and melodic guitar give it life. Always loved your work man, this is no different.

XxCowMeatxX responds:

wow ty man! That is about the deepest review i have ever gotten for a song. I am glad you enjoyed the tune brother. When i wrote this it was based on cold emotions, and i am glad you picked up on that.

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