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O.o i love it man!

it's mellow and happy! i love the sound of this. kinda like an old pc game from elementary school. it has that nostalgia feel. i love dat feeling! lol! even thought the song sounds un organized, it's in a good way. keep makin music man! i'm lovin this!

roensb responds:

haha thanks man! Ya mind is kind all over the place when I make music hence the the feeling that its all over the place but Im glad you still liked it!

nice song man

i like the sudden changes you did in the song. caught me off guard but i like songs that suprise me. the tone of the guitar was just sooo epic...like a bolder crushing you...nice.

Casualty responds:

yay being crushed is fun

dude...we should totally do this as a metal track.

If you take off the orchestral tracks, i could do guitar tracks on it...DOOOOOOD!!! WE SHO"ULD DO THAT!!! DO IT NOOOOWWW!!!!!! this song would be epic OVER 9000!!!!!! but still man this is awesome man!!!! i love this song on spinball!!!

Epic! i like it!

man you make some badass beats man. we should do a collab..i could do some guitar on one of your tracks. that shit would rock. this sounds like it would be in a fight/chase scene. i dunno but it's good stuff. keep it up!

T-Free responds:

Awesome, I love the sound of your guitar from "Guitar test", would be great if you added some guitar sounds to one of my tracks! If you want to, then just pic one you like and give it a shot, I can't wait to take a listen. :P
And thanks for the review, I'm so glad you like my music!^^

this sounds like a bay area Rap song

i love Bay style (BAY AREA!!!!) although it may not be, it's still bad ass....better than any mainstream shit....

TheTriangle responds:

thanks and yes im from richmond california and i mad this on garageband because im too ghetto to afford more expensive software hahaha

call me weird

but i'm not into pantera, but this song is fuckin bad ass to tha max. nice job...can't wait for the next one YOU RULE ONCE AGAIN! KEEP IT UP!!!!

BERSERKYD responds:

Thanks Bro !! ;)

i think you shoulda donw the showdown one.

that song is sooooo under rated. but i like dis remix. very electronic, thus the name XD. nice man.

awesome beat...

i could see this in samurai champloo. nice track. very mellow. perfect 5 and 10.

T-Free responds:

Yay, I love Samurai champloo! And to be honest, it gave me lots of inspiration to make some oriental music. :P
Thanks for the review, I'm glad you liked it!^^

dude you RULE!!!

i love your music man. it's simple, yet it catches my attention...i guess because the riffs and chords are so freakin creative...you're good, you just gotta clean it up a bit and you'll have an awesome song!

XD wow

that's funny...
well that was pretty interesting. and kinda funny.
the simple things are sometimes amusing. nice.

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