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my only complaint...is the guitar or whatever that is is kinda sharp on the ears...like it pierces it..but other than that...badass song bro. jazz is always a winner in my book!

ItsTheAshtray responds:

Ahhh, yeah I hear you about the guitar sharpness. I'm going re-master and re-record some parts. Also, look out for some other song releases soon. Thanks for the review, and I'll be making plenty more jazz.

the future huh?

will there be cake in teh future?
nice track here. not really into this kinda stuff, but it's kool none the less....awesome job dude.

nice sound dude

It sounds abstract in a way...like a hot afternoon at night or something. all i know is that this is giving me a weird vibe and i like it. Kudos bro!

demsis responds:

yeah, I think I know what you mean.
Thanks for the review, and thanks for listening.

haha people don't think these days...

This song is awesome tho...it's catchy like the first one, only a little longer! sweet man, you got my vote! 5 and 10

TheCon-Sept responds:

You have been Hi Fi Voted.... AGAIN #0000002-2X

haha! catchy dude!

I like it! very unique in a way!

TheCon-Sept responds:

You've been Hi Fi Voted #0000002

not a fan of auto tune

but the song itself kills! nice work! you are very talented dude! awesome! i'll be watching you from now on!

BotonyProduktions responds:

Thanks again Ritz. Yeah, I cant sing really good, so i use autotune to try and fix that a little bit. Thank you so much for your review.

O.o OMFG!!!!

That...that guitar!!! YOU MANIAC!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!
that killed it..you made us wait and you delivered..for a first attempt..it's not bad at all bro!

BotonyProduktions responds:

Haha thanks so much man. A lot of people couldn't wait and didnt listen to it all, but the ones that did wait, were all shocked. Thanks for your review, and for your honesty bro.

makes me wanna write a novel....

Stfu team obvious!!! no matter...this sounds pretty good. i don't use fruity loops. i tried and got mad at it. XD. it sounds good compared to the vocal loops i have...crap...but eh. samples or not, it takes a genius to put them together to make them sound good. and you did that. well done.

BotonyProduktions responds:

Exactly. Thanks for the Review, and if you write a novel, I want to read it.


This is very nice.

Music is all about feeling. not just listening. i'm pretty down myself...i feel your pain bro, but there will be brighter days as well as dark days...but hey, you got a nice song here. think imma check out some other stuff you have!

BotonyProduktions responds:

Thank you so much for your review Ritz. And yeah, somehow, it Always gets better.

very nice!!!

i like it. i may use this in my future midnight drives around town. great song you have here.

EggZiBiT responds:

Thanks for the reply dude ^^
Would be great to think someone is listening to this on a drive, round and about.

- EggZ

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