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You never fail me man!

You do amazing things with that guitar man...
10/5/faved as usual you rock!!!!

BERSERKYD responds:

I love my Gibson And I do appreciate you like it too :D

sweet man!

Sounds like a sonic adventure 1 sonic honestly...and that bass is pretty kick ass! great song over all...


finally another song from you! i was waiting to hear something new from you! and the title is exactly what it is...kickass!

BERSERKYD responds:

haha! Thanks for the support man ! :D

Vote vote vote..but no reviews...I hate that...

So imma do it! like i said..the vox needed work, but other than that dude...these tracks are gold!!! they sound fun as hell and i'd love to go back in time and jam with you guys! even if you're not in the band, keep rockin dude!

johnnyq1233 responds:

Well I'm the bass player and ...ya! these were fun times!!!
The vacals were put through an old Fender twin reverb as we had no mixer or decent recording equipment...lol STARVING MUSICIAN.....
We tried to be as true as we could to the original....so I'm glad you enjoyed it and .....we can still jam if you live in WINNIPEG,Manitoba....Cause that's where we live!...
Thanks for the review!..JQ

hm...no wonder...

no wonder your songs had a classic rock feel to them...THEY ARE CLASSIC ROCK! lol! still awesome...the slight damage to the songs gives it it's age i guess. don't worry. this song is still kick ass! love the vibe too! sounds fun!

johnnyq1233 responds:

Thanks for the review this is a different band then the old "DOORS" band that we have on here...
Still it's nice to hear from people that appreciate honest work and dedication to music!..
Thanks again...JQ

Rockin track bro!!!

the vox need work, but it's a nice raw track. love it!!!! has a garage band type feel to it and i love that. keep rockin bro! you're doing fine!!!

johnnyq1233 responds:

Thanks for the AWESOME review..it's rare to get reviews these days...lol
I love this place to put out the stuff we did 20 years ago and find people that still like it!
CHEERS to the people out there that care!
Thanks again...JQ

y is this so low?

that's some sexy riffage there man! keep it uo! and btw...i downloaded this....keep it up man!

bad ass!!!

i love that song alone, this just does it more justice! man someone here on NG is zero bombing the hell out of people....this song should be like a 4.80 or something! great job!

classicblue responds:

Yeah the zero bomber sucks but guys like you, who leave honest reviews, more then make up for it. Thanks man ^_^

nice! calming

i like it! i'm definitely downloading this...the only thing is that high pitch sound in the begining...otherwise, this song is perfect. 5 and 10


MarkySpark responds:

Thanks for the 10 and the 5. What high pitch sound? lol

eh. not so much!

i think a little more work could make this awesome. but no. people on NG hate music...so i wouldn't expect you to get lucky. hell i don't half the time...great idea though.

Ragin-Asian responds:

thanks dude.

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