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welll shiiiiiiii-

I wish I spoke french...and spanish...cause this sounds beast as hell!!! Awesome job dude! I love how the drums sound in this song! did you sing this? your voice sounds perfect for punk! good job!

BERSERKYD responds:

haha ! Just use google traduction to have an idea ! Well thanks a lot man, maybe I will get a shot on my local radio, that could be awesome ! Cheer Kay !


What do you use for your instruments? they sound AMAZING!! great quality and everything. sounds like an intro to an epic light hearted yet tough adventure. nicely done, sire. also, glad to see you're back. keep the music coming!

Deaf from metalz

but it's cool. I'm used to losing my hearing cause of you...and i'm dead serious about that fact. lol. This sounds like a song that would play if a train was coming toward you and you were trapped on the tracks. it's doom incarnate. The quality is probably the best quality i heard from you thus far. everything can be heard and the riffs are are fucking niiiice. Wish i had some skill like that. Bad ass song man. Also, throw some vocals on this baby about a death metal train and you're solid. lol

Metaljonus responds:

Fucking zero voting douchebag faggots! Thanks dude, I've been working on my mix a shit load. I really need to get a pair of fucking studio monitors already lol. Mixing on crappy wal mart speakers are getting old! I would like to throw vocals on it one day. I might extend it, but we'll see!

Sweet remix broski

Sounds good. better than the last upload you had. the leads have been refined and everything. I still think adding the voices would have been a good idea but hey this is still awesome and only a minor nitpick. have you played skyrim at all? sic game. but good song bro. very good. I also dig the FUS ROH DAH voice clips in there. subtle but effective.

Metaljonus responds:

I would add the voices but i'm still trying to get the mix down a little bit better also if you have the voices hook me up! as for the game play I played it once but I do love the music it's epic! LOL I want to get it but my blu ray thing on my ps3 went to shit so that sucks....thanks for the listen kay kay! :)

I came...

To this song expecting something awesome. soon as the intro picked up, my face was blown off and i waited til the song finished to get up and find it. sounds waaaay better than the first rendition and if i remember, you put multiple intros on that one. also....I came...heheheheh

Metaljonus responds:

you sick fuck! I love you :)

instert intro comment here

Intro made me lol. the rest sucked dick. 0/0 fail fail fuckin fail all over the place. haha you know i'm just kiddin baby. another great track. you've just been on it dude. pumping out tracks and shit! keep it up dude so i can make a CD of all your best shit!

Metaljonus responds:

LOL thanks fuckface! Imma go back and remix a few of my recent tracks so they can all have some goodness to them....cept sky guardian I have to rerecord that entire song since I fucked up and deleted the session by accident! NNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! :(


Head Crushing tune dude. I love the guitar tone in this song. seriously, idk if it's any different from your usual settings, but i find this to be extra sexy. The pace is fucking insane and Everything is just beast! The melodic leads are perfect and it has the perfect balance of gayness and heavy Fuckin Metal. Good Work, Bro!

Metaljonus responds:

thanks baby! lol

Sweet song like always man.

Awesome! sounds like you've gotten better dude! this song is beast! yea, fuck the flamers. My vote got you up to a 4 though so keep it rockin buddy!

BERSERKYD responds:

As Always ! Thanks a lot Bro ! :D

this is indeed pretty gay

yah know....if gay was code for pretty sweet. kinda reminds me of one of Xenogenocide's songs, but with Metaljonus all in that bitch. very melodic. the leads are sweet and not too crazy like. The mix sounds a mix muffled on some parts where the drums kinda drown out the guitar, but it's not too jarring....unless it's my weak ass speakers doing that. also....DAT SOLO. kick ass track mayne.

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks for the crit I've been meaning to upload the newer version but I am too lazy lol. Thanks for the review kay!

very nice

Calm...cool...very soothing. I dig it man. awesome job. I really liek the subtle guitar parts.

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