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Definitely downloading this piece. very nice and mellow. i hope you work further on this because this can be something terrific. 5/10 download! keep rockin man!

Ryan-of-the-Metal responds:

Yaay lol. Speaking of slow and melodic, I reviewed your submission 'Gates of the Heat' and you didn't get back to me on that one. That's cool though, I think you should finish it! That submission and this one are a bit similar lol.

ah yes...Shadrock!

I can tell Shadrco Style from a mile away. that's how kickass you are. love the riffs. the whole structure of the song is pretty beast. can't wait for the full song!

AAAAAhhh i was wondering what happened to you!

everytime you return, you have some bad ass track out man. king of punk...i salute you....and idk if it's too late or not but Happy Canada day!!!!!

BERSERKYD responds:

I salute you too man ! Yeah my software broke for about a month now ! Now is fully recover. Well thanks a lot again.. I really have much to say except, here in Montreal we prefer to celebrate the juin 24... its THE day where people from the province of Quebec still care, because its the Canadian/french day. So Canada Day is for tourist.. but I appreciate it anyway :)

Cya !

i lol'd at the title

to be honest, i don't care for the weekdays in general.....they can all go suck a D*&K. but anywhooo...this song is epic in all shapes and forms. very awesome for some random shit dude. you never seem to fail at what you do man. good job mofo!

Wow...i like the melody

Even tho it's not Metal...i still gave you a 5 and a 10. this is a nice song man. very uplifting!

dr-vibe responds:

haha, thanks man :3

i don't know why i put it in metal... it was an impulse :D

FUCKING ZERO BOMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dude this track fucking slays. but i prefer your usual drum technique tho. but that's just me. but as a WIP there's so much that could be done this so i'm not gonna rag on it much. keep that shit going and i 'll be looking out for the next upload.

Deathcalypse responds:

Thanks dude.


haha been a while since i've listened to some of your tracks man. this is definitely a treat you've given us. i assume this is a current day take on classic metal? i would think so, great job. i love the epic riffs here.everything seems to be in order here...so carry on bro...carry on!

Schleif responds:

yeah, there were definitely some classic metal influences involved haha. thanks man, very much appreciated! keep rocking \m/

Space-Whale can eat a D@#$

i like the way the vocals are, but yes. timing seems to be the main issue here. i would suggest fixing that and you're set. this song is very energetic and can be used in any action movie...well i would at least. keep the music flowing and keep on improving man.

Ryan-of-the-Metal responds:

Yes Ritz to the rescue! We just won't stop lol. I need more improvement on my singing, growling, screaming, really everything. The timing was because I didn't copy the vocals, I recorded them seperately, and my computer sometimes has latency issues, so yea, I'll definately try harded with vocals next time.

Shoot, I thought everyone would've ruined me over my vokills ^_^

aawww yeeeaaa!!!

good to have you back dude. your music kicks ass!
from my point of view, there is nothing wrong with this song. i don't know what you did to the drums to give them more power but i would suggest keeping that style. kick ass song from a kick ass artist. NG Metal Legion must stay alive!!!!!

deathkllr84 responds:

hey dude, thanks! I actually didn't do much to the drums, just compressed and made sure they were mixed right. Hell yeah dude keep it metal \m/

i covered this song as well...

i like the structure of this song...very unique and awesome!!! the guitar could be a little more...louder or whatever, but still, did an awesome job.

Sonofkirk responds:

Thanks for the piece of advice and the review :)

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