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haha been a while since i've listened to some of your tracks man. this is definitely a treat you've given us. i assume this is a current day take on classic metal? i would think so, great job. i love the epic riffs here.everything seems to be in order here...so carry on bro...carry on!

Schleif responds:

yeah, there were definitely some classic metal influences involved haha. thanks man, very much appreciated! keep rocking \m/

Space-Whale can eat a D@#$

i like the way the vocals are, but yes. timing seems to be the main issue here. i would suggest fixing that and you're set. this song is very energetic and can be used in any action movie...well i would at least. keep the music flowing and keep on improving man.

Ryan-of-the-Metal responds:

Yes Ritz to the rescue! We just won't stop lol. I need more improvement on my singing, growling, screaming, really everything. The timing was because I didn't copy the vocals, I recorded them seperately, and my computer sometimes has latency issues, so yea, I'll definately try harded with vocals next time.

Shoot, I thought everyone would've ruined me over my vokills ^_^

aawww yeeeaaa!!!

good to have you back dude. your music kicks ass!
from my point of view, there is nothing wrong with this song. i don't know what you did to the drums to give them more power but i would suggest keeping that style. kick ass song from a kick ass artist. NG Metal Legion must stay alive!!!!!

deathkllr84 responds:

hey dude, thanks! I actually didn't do much to the drums, just compressed and made sure they were mixed right. Hell yeah dude keep it metal \m/

i covered this song as well...

i like the structure of this song...very unique and awesome!!! the guitar could be a little more...louder or whatever, but still, did an awesome job.

Sonofkirk responds:

Thanks for the piece of advice and the review :)

love the syths.

kick ass track dude. keep it up!

deathkllr84 responds:

thanks bro \m/

don't stop indeed...

This paints a picture in my head of 2 skaters going down hill shredding and landing insane tricks. i like the thrashyness as the guy below me says. very wild and out there. not something you hear everyday in this day and age. nice work...all i can suggest is make the rythum a little less scatchy so we can hear the tune. but still a kick ass track man...

Ryan-of-the-Metal responds:

Yes! Thank you for your review! I appreciate it, I've been thinking that I hadn't really accomplished much, but now, I think I could have gone less scratchier on the rythm, that makes sense. The lead though wil probably stay the same.

Thanks again! \m/

O.o Mind...BLOWN!!!!

dude....if thats you singing...YOU KICK ASS!!! dude...this song is like...i can't even make a comparison awesome enough. the guitar is perfect as usual...drums track is clean. vocals are very impressive...and the outro...very nice touch. 5/10/download. you've done it again. you fuckin rock!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks dude, I'm glad people are diggin this. Yeah, it is all me on the vocals too.
I'm having a tough time releasing only one song every couple weeks. I just want to upload them all...haha.


Thanks for the review and glad you dig it, dude!\m/

ah...good memories with garageband...

nice song you got here man. it flows very nicely and doesn't get boring. man that's how we all start out man. audio loops put together. anyone can do it, but it takes a good ear to make it sound good. good job man!

UniversalKetchup responds:

Thanks man! I'm glad that you liked it so much; I just hope that I can move from Techno into my favorite genre (METAL!) sooner or later.


man i need to record some improve tracks. they do make some great songs...and this...simply peaceful...as if walking through a thick fog in the morning....i love it!

MarkySpark responds:

Thank you my young friend.

Finally!!! MOONSHIELD!!!!!!!!

this song kicks so much ass....and you did a good job covering it. of course some tweaks need to be made to make it perfect..but the fact that you did an in flames song is epic enough. 5/10 keep reaching for the moonshield that once upon us shown....

Pure-Metal-UTA responds:

Why thank you very much!
On the note of tweaks, what tweaks need to be made?
Thanks for the review!

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