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sweet song!

I really dig this song. I like the tone of the drums and the guitars also. vox are a great mix of screaming and singing. good shit. I just might look into the EP! great work!

SaturnaliaMN responds:

Thanks! We have one about Robocop and others on Greek mythology. We probably are looking to tour too, so find us on facebook and harass us. :D

Nice remix brah.

Truth be told, i like the first version better, but this one really brings some awesome melodies to the table. it sounds alot more structured and melodic. is the band going to use this version from now on? great work, bro. keep it up man!

Metaljonus responds:

The first version is alright this version is my fav now! I don't know if the band wants to do this or not....we'll see.

Heavy as fuck

cause...you know...fuck is pretty heavy. This could make a sick ass intro for your band dude. epic doom if that makes sense. Mixing is top notch and I'm jealous. lol Idk what else to say except I'm probably gonna bump this at work along with your other tunes. Sick shit. keep it up.

Metaljonus responds:

fuck is heavy indeed good sir! The mix is still rough dude but i'm glad you dig it!


another sick VG remix. but i first heard this in a sonic hack bout a year ago. but megaman tunes are great on their own. the mixing sounds kinda different for some reason, can't quite put my finger on it...well the rhythm guitar does. beastly though dude. drums are perfect. 5/10/steal- i mean download... lawl, keep rockin, n***a!

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks mang! ya the mix sounds wierd to me too. I really need new pick ups or a new battery for my guitar lol my guitar has been sounding weak lately so its time for new pups!


As you know, I was there at the show. soon as i bought the CD and put it on my mp3, I was blastin this shit driving all over the place. I'm still quite blown away from these songs guys. Death-Fucking-metal!!!!!!!!!! not much to say that's negative....well i got nothin. shit's epic as fuck and I'm waiting for the music video.

AbsenceofFear responds:

I know you were there and I love you for it! lol Glad you dig the tunes and show us some support!

guitar rape

Pretty much sums up this song. that guitar must be tired from the finger fucking you did to it to make this badassness. I shall slay demons to this track...or mutated scorpions and what not....depends on what i play. but yea. sick song. you gonna expand on it or improve it in any way?

Metaljonus responds:

Lol I make sweet love to my guitar but never rape! About the song I dont know what I am going to do, there are still a few riffs I can add some more tasty licks too but we'll see....!

well shit...

not bad for no inspiration. doesn't sound like your usual style, but i still dig it. sounds like rescue mission music or something close to it. love how meaty the drum track is.

Metaljonus responds:

haha thanks mang!

nice one.

yea i can hear Corey Taylor screamin to this. pretty neat riffage dude.


dude i love your ideas. this sounds sooo....idk the word for it, but it just flows so awesomely! idk where you come up with this stuff, but this is why you're on my faves list. great job, ZZ!

ZombieZappa responds:

Thanks man! I don't know where most of this comes from either, but it usually involves strong emotions, ha! Really, what it boils down to is me fiddling around with my instruments and fitting random pieces of music in the best way I can. I try to give each instrument it's own "voice" in the song, and let them come through in the best way possible. I just follow what the song tells me to follow; I go with the flow.
( Didn't mean to sound pretentious though, ha!)

Hoooolllyyyyy shhiiiiiiiiiiittttttt

This sounds a little different from your usual style, but that's in no way a bad thing. This track does have alot of technical playing going on with alot of variation. sexy ass riffage!! I swear it's like you leave and come back with more face smashing metal for us commoners. Keep that shit up and I can't wait for the EP bro.

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