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nice song ya got there!

Last song??? NOOOOOOO!!! it can't bee!! you kick ass man. as for the song itself, it's a good balance of what you were going for. guitar tone is awesome as ever and the lyrics are simple but flow nicely. great job dude. rock on!

BERSERKYD responds:

Hehe ! I mean that my latest song !! And thanks for your support man. I appreciate it a lot. And yeah your right I should expand my vocabulary in english. Good point !


I lol'd

LOL Hilarious man!
Instant favorite....hope to hear more from you bro. keep it up!

guitar work is great

drums are lacking. I will say thins though, you work with what you got and you do a pretty good job making up for it. tone of the guitar is very solid. and this proves to me that I will definitely use you for bass...and maybe even guitar parts if you want! but anyways, nice work.

Ryan-of-the-Metal responds:

Oh, thanks dude. I really want a real drummer, but I can't find an available one locally, and paying a live one would suck big time compared to the loops I use, I think I just need to EQ them more. Anyway, I have a guitar now with a tremolo arm, so if want a dive bomb, or something weird like that, I'm here. :D

Fucking WIN for real

Has a classic metal feel. i can imagine riding a Harley to this tune. i love it man. kick ass.

kick ass!

I like it! commercial? tsk..this should be in a game. very original and unique. and exotic in a way. i dig it. man. great job!

Gravey responds:

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the piece.



probably My favorite of all Metal genres. good job making it your bitch. normally in flames comes to mind. I like the syths in the begining though. nice touch, but it seems to screech in, like mess with your nerves...other than that, everything is perfect here. rock on sir!

What the FUUUCK!!!!

you should have seen my eyes when the solo started O.O ...dude that was SICKKKKKK!!!!!!! i think my skull cracked open just from this epic song! FUCK!!! great job man...and the female vocals felt like a perfect touch! Tha Ritz is pleeeeased....very pleased indeed....

Burn7 responds:

Thanks dude! This was a fun fucking song to do a solo for, because I didn't know what I was going to do exactly. It's in a weird minor key and stuff, so it required a lot of experimentation and whatnot. But thanks dude. I'll tell Mo you like her voice too haha

sweet track!

hm...idk how to describe it, but this song just has something that pops. idk if it's the lyrics, the style you sing them or whatever it is, it works. great job man. 5/10 and faved. i'll check out your other stuff another time. it's late here and i'm tired from making music all day. gnight and keep up the good work my friend!


You can do it all, can't you? I bet you can fly and shit out thunder storms, right? every time i come to check on you, you have something amazing waiting for me. i love that. this song is kick ass no doubt...sounds old school, but with a current day twist. but all that doesn't matter. the point is, good job bro. love it. 5/10/and faved. Bad-Man, fuckin do your thing!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

I'm glad you keep checkin and leavin your thoughts, dude. That's fucking awesome.
2 more to come. Just gotta get em finalized. Then this album is done and I can fuck around more in other subgenres. haha.

Thanks again, dude.

i see what you did there...

!!! Pis4eva got his ass ate! this track is definitely unique as fuck! you can't help but feel the doom from this track. and Jon's kick ass guitar playing slays as usual. no question. Fckin SIC!!!

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