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why is this rated so low? this sounds awesome!

bout fuckin time you made a new track. brutalz, dude! I'm guessing this is an idea and not the final product?

Awesome stuff, Jon. your tone seems to get better and better dude. what's your secret? anywho, This can't be a rough idea. just can't be. this sounds way too good for it to be a rough idea.

errr mah gerrd! sTan giviz u teh powa to solo liek best eaver; brOUTALzLZZz

This....this is just amazing. no words can express the feeling i get hearing this....Oh my GOD!

sounds like an AOF song. how is that new EP coming along anyway? but anywho, about the track...the mixing and mastering makes me jelly like always. great work on that. the tone is sick. heavy and dark. Metal in it's purest form. hope this wins the contest cause you have amazing talent, not just in playing, but with song writing too. awesome metalz.

Metaljonus responds:

It is a new AOF songs in the works we are still working on and writing the new material. Hopefully we can have a few songs out in late may early june.

I love your punk style. it may be unfinished but i like it anyway. very melodic and action packed. and you joined a band too? awesomeness. remember me when you get famous! :D lol

BERSERKYD responds:

Appreciate every word !! And of course I won't be a dumbass, I'll remember all my NG pals if I reach the top ! hehe!

sounds pretty smooth. like water...well duh the title. you've been gone for a while and it's time to get back on that music making train. can't wait to hear what else you got planned, man.

shit man! this is a step in a new direction with the old Flair. What ever yo learned, it worked wonders. the little effects in this song make it epic as fuck. toward the end, it took that Djent turn. Very awesome. I really dig this and I'm downloading it. Very nice work. make more like this!

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks dude! I will be doing a lot more stuff that is'nt metal too haha! Reason is a super fun program! And the endless amounts of refills too! I love it! But ya I worked super hard on this song and am very happy with it. Thanks for listening nig! :D


certainly does have your flair, but this sounds way awesome. I'm a sucker for melodic stuff anyway. Very nice work. mixing sounds different too. more testing the waters i suppose. but man this is fucking awesome!

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