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Lol I did a cover of a song from the same game too (as you heard) I always loved this theme. Robotnik never stood a chance ever but all his boss themes were kick ass. Awesome job on this man. Your style is perfect for this song!

XxCowMeatxX responds:

cool! thx brother!

sic cover dude!
it's great to hear you back at it again, man!

XxCowMeatxX responds:

Haha thx man! I just threw up another video game theme... give it a listen if you liked this.

the legendary Cowmeat has returned! good to hear you still rockin out man! i know having a family can take up time but man, keep it up! I missed your songs!

XxCowMeatxX responds:

haha.... ty man! \m/

JONTRON!!! legendary theme!

Frequality responds:

Thanks man! Neither Jontron or I had any idea we would grow this big. It's really cool to actually have done something for the people around the world! :D <3

man those drums are killer man! awesome sound!

BERSERKYD responds:

Hey thanks man ! Been a while !

raising a new generation of Talent. excellent!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Hope so. There is a lot of talentless fucks on the "Pop" scene right now. I hope I raise my kids to kick their asses.

Rockin tune, bro! love it!

BERSERKYD responds:

Rock On Dude ^^ ! Thanks

I can hear this in a game soundtrack and I love me some VG music.
very awesome track. I like the little sounds you go going on in the background. tone is excellent and the drums have like a soundtracky sound to them. not a bad thing at all. diggin it, dude. great job!

InYourDreams responds:

Thnx Ritz! :D... glad u like it. Hey man, let's do some collab someday!

My n***a makin new songs n shit.

Kinda reminds me of monuments without the annoying vocals. The flow is nice and heavy like always. The mix is better than anything I can do at the moment so no problems there. overall, awesome song, dude! great job!

Metaljonus responds:

Awee yeeeeee! Momuments is cool musically I agree too! It took me a while to used to flow of this track. I went back and forth between so many different riffs, parts, etc.. But I'm happy with the way this version is! Thanks for listening kay kay!

Oh damn.....

That spacey part put me in a trance. and you say you just used a shit load of reverb for those parts??? I could totally use that. epic job dude. I love the drum track. sounds legit as hell. I still have trouble making them sound clear. but you perfected it. Love the song. heavy and very melodic just how I like em.

Metaljonus responds:

gotta love that verb! I used the surround reverb in cubase for that. The guitars were dry when I recorded them. What programs are you using now? pm me!

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